Why LipoTranz® Works

Key Concept:

To maintain internal balance the body uses a process called metabolism.

To fully appreciate how amazing the LipoTranz® procedure is, you must first understand how your body works.

Excess calories are stored in your body as fat. When your body needs extra fuel, it uses a 3-step process to break down stored fat for energy:

  • First, your body releases fat from fat cells

  • Then, it moves the fat to your circulation and carries it to the liver where it is converted to energy

  • Finally, the toxins and hormones released from the fat cells are carried to the kidneys and the bowels to be flushed out of your body.

You can think of this natural 3-step process as:

  • MELT

  • MOVE


The natural process your body uses to break down fat is called fat metabolism. The fat metabolism process is regulated by a tiny part of your brain called the hypothalamus.

If for any reason you lose some of your fat, your hypothalamus goes into a panic and works overtime to replace the fat you lost.

Your Hypothalamus is the reason why most fat loss treatments including surgery don’t work.

Research shows that a year after you lose weight, your Hypothalamus is actively fighting to replace the fat you loss.

To lose fat permanently you must:

  • Follow your body’s natural process of fat removal (melt, move, flush)

  • Detoxify and flush your metabolism

  • Reset your hypothalamus to “fat burning” mode so it doesn’t put the fat back.

LipoTranz® is the only non-surgical procedure that:

  • Targets, mimics & accelerates your body’s natural process of fat metabolism (melt, move, flush)

  • It detoxifies and flushes your metabolism

  • It resets your hypothalamus to store less fat

With LipoTranz® Lipo Without surgery you get results similar or better than surgery and you maintain it for the long term. LipoTranz® is offered exclusively at LipoTranz® certified clinics. LipoTranz® has a 100% response rate and a 92% satisfaction rate.

Why LipoTranz Works So Well?

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