What is LipoTranz®

Key Concept:

LipoTranz is the only procedure that targets, mimics and accelerates you body’s natural process of fat removal and rejuvenation without surgery

With LipoTranz you can:

  • Target fat loss from specific areas without surgery
  • Lift and tighten loose skin
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Detoxify your lymphatic system
  • Reset your metabolism to normal

LipoTranz is a simple and amazing 5-step medical procedure you can use to resize, reshape your body without surgery and improve your image.


Lipotranz melts fat


Lipotranz moves fat


Lipotranz flushes fat


Lipotranz detoxes your body


Lipotranz resets your metabolism

With LipoTranz® you get results similar or better than surgery and you maintain it for the long term. LipoTranz® is offered exclusively at LipoTranz® Certified Clinics. LipoTranz® has a 100% response rate and a 92% satisfaction rate.
LipoTranz was invented specifically to treat a condition called Post-Traumatic Lipodystrophy Syndrome (PTLS).


LipoTranz was invented in 2003 by W.E. “Professor Zedd” André.

What Is LipoTranz?

When diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery fails, consider Lipotranz® without surgery

LipoTranz Without Surgery is like liposuction or tummy-tuck except there is no surgery, no pain, no downtime and you get results similar or better than surgery.

Lipotranz® is a cosmetic medical procedure clinically proven to remove belly fat without surgery. You see results immediately after your first treatment.

Your body uses a 3-step process (melt, move, flush) to naturally break down fat. LipoTranz is the only non-surgical procedure that targets, mimics and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat breakdown.

With LipoTranz there is:

  • No surgery

  • No pain

  • No downtime


The treatment is safe and painless and you get results similar or better than surgery. Offered exclusively at Certified Clinics, this proprietary non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment:

  • Produces instant results*

  • Removes belly fat

  • Tightens loose skin

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Contours, reshapes and rejuvenates the body


*As people vary, so do their results.

Actual LipoTranz Member After 4 Weeks of Treatment

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LipoTranz F.A.Q

When will I see results with LipoTranz?

Depending on your specific body type, you may see “visible” results with your first LipoTranz treatment. Most of our patients see measurable with their first treatment and have visible results by the second or third visit. As people vary, so do their results.

Are the results permanent?

Just like liposuction, LipoTranz® reduces your belly fat but without cosmetic surgery. Your results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike cosmetic surgery, the best part about LipoTranz is you can have periodic treatments to maintain your results.e.

How much does LipoTranz Cost?

LipoTranz without surgery is the most comprehensive body contouring available since 1999. The cost of the procedure depends on your stage of PTLS which is determined by the amount of fat, type of fat, circulation status, and your skin condition. Cost begins at just $299 per session, per area and varies with the individuals. Please contact us for an evaluation to determine the exact cost for your specific needs.

Am I a candidate?

Any healthy male or female can have LipoTranz without surgery. There are some medical conditions that are contraindications to the procedure. Please contact us to find out if you medically qualify for LipoTranz without surgery and to find out what other options we offer.

Are there any side effects?

One of the more exciting facts about LipoTranz is there are no major side effects. The procedure is safe; there is no surgery, no pain and no downtime and you get results similar to or better than cosmetic surgery. Contact us to find out more about LipoTranz.

What can I expect during LipoTranz treatment?

Depending on which LipoTranz procedure is recommended for you, your treatment may require one or several visits. The treatment is safe. Depending on which laser is used for your treatment, you may experience a warm tingly feeling in the treated area.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on your PTLS stage, your LipoTranz treatment may require one or several visits. The average full LipoTranz treatment course takes six weeks. Click here or call us today to schedule your initial evaluation to learn which option is best for you and how LipoTranz can change your life.

Can LipoTranz help me lose weight?

Yes, LipoTranz contours, reshape and resizes your body without surgery. With a full LipoTranz treatment plan the body’s natural process of detoxification will produce up to a 10 pound weight loss. Members needing to lose more weight are advised to follow our GreenLite NutritionRx which can help them lose up to 30 pounds during the treatment. Click here or call to schedule your initial evaluation.

What if I don’t want to lose weight?

A one-time treatment produces minimal weight loss. Because LipoTranz is a comprehensive treatment that works with and enhances your body’s natural process of fat elimination, with a full treatment plan, there is a certain amount of weight loss (usually up to 10 pounds) that will occur with the detoxification process.

How do I get stated with LipoTranz?

Getting started is easy. Call today, start today. The first step is to schedule your initial evaluation. We offer two types of initial visit. The first is the evaluation with a trial treatment. The cost is $299 and you can expect to lose up two inches with your trial treatment. You can also schedule an evaluation without a treatment and the cost is only fifty five dollars.  Click here or call us now to schedule your initial evaluation or request a FREE phone consultation.